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Neural Networks Drawing


By weekend I wrote short script for drawing neural networks.  I had such a thing in 90-s using angela software for graph drawing, but it’s not working anymore.  So, I did look for something to quickly draw NN int .pdf.  As I cannot find anything, I wrote this graphviz based script.  Here is sample output:

This is output of the command:

annviz -ll -nl 4 6 3 2

it means topology is 4-6-3-2 and add the layer labels and node labels.  You can download the script from:

It needs, (or and to have installed. When run, it wrote location of the .dot file and .png file to the console, plus the commands it calls.  So, you can manually edit the .dot file and rerun graphviz.  It’s also possible to produce the .pdf file, or .svg file and edit it in

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