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Command-line conversion
from .doc to .txt

Rudolf Jakša  10.11.2016

Conversion from the .doc documents into .txt from the command-line is possible with:

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Colors for LaTeX console log

Rudolf Jakša  26.5.2015

This weekend I wrote short script for optimizing LaTeX console output.  I did a lot of TeX-ing in last week, so I was thinking about optimizing my TeX-ing environment.  LaTeX console output is quite difficult to follow.  But, maybe, it is not so difficult to write a filter to improve it.  Here is result:

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Neural Networks Drawing

Rudolf Jakša  28.4.2015

By weekend I wrote short script for drawing neural networks.  I had such a thing in 90-s using angela software for graph drawing, but it’s not working anymore.  So, I did look for something to quickly draw NN int .pdf.  As I cannot find anything, I wrote this graphviz based script.  Here is sample output:

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