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Colors for LaTeX console log


This weekend I wrote short script for optimizing LaTeX console output.  I did a lot of TeX-ing in last week, so I was thinking about optimizing my TeX-ing environment.  LaTeX console output is quite difficult to follow.  But, maybe, it is not so difficult to write a filter to improve it.  Here is result:

Before: (the same latex output)

The link to the script download: –> texcc.0.1.tar.bz2

Usage is: pdflatex file.tex | texcc

The script is just pure perl code, so it should work everywhere.  I am not sure about terminal colors escape sequences, whether they will work on your particular terminal.  I do use terminal.  Anyway, color escape sequences are on top of the script, commented, so it should be easy to change them if they don’t produce nice colors.  Default colors are set for the dark background terminal, for white background they need to be changed.

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