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Software robots


Recent ZDnet article: is dedicated to the problem of software robots.

Romanian startup is creating “robots” for, it is automation of repetitive office computer work. Their name UiPath is similar to the language for addressing elements of webpage, so it suggests ability to address elements of desktop user interface with similar ease.  This task can be achieved:

  • by accessing, organizing and exporting desktop through underlying
  • or it can be achieved using robust (but hard) image processing approach.
  • Desktop automation can be extended to reach phone calls or other
  • devices.
  • Automation can be achieved:

    • programmaticaly using API for access to the desktop,
    • by copying exactly what is user doing,
    • or, we suggest, by learning from user sessions.

    ZDnet thinks that software robots bussines will reach $5mld in 2020. which covers the software robots domain suggests that using software robots can reduce costs by 50% compare to offshore employees.  Also, it can increase speed of processing, reliability, and 24/7/365 availability.  And, many tasks can be automated from now on…

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